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Member Money Journey – Erin

I’m Erin – 32-year-old single mum of one, currently living on the south coast.  Around the time I found Financielle on Instagram I was working with a counsellor. This is not unusual for me, it’s something I’ve done on and off for a number of years. What was different about this particular counsellor was that […]

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5 Steps to take your Sinking Funds Digital|5 Steps to take your Sinking Funds Digital|
5 Steps to take your Sinking Funds Digital

Sinking funds are the corner stone of every budget. Not only do they ensure you have money to hand for those important expenses that regularly come up, but they help you practice the discipline of planning ahead and not spending everything you earn. This article will tell you the 5 steps to take your sinking […]

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why your debt is the problem|Your debt is the problem.
Why Your Debt Is The Problem…

This is a Monday morning truth bomb to some people reading this that are like everyone else. This article will tell you why your debt is the problem.  You buy things on finance. You use your overdraft. You put things on a credit card. You are normal. Maybe you thought you could afford the monthly […]

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tough love|Instagram TOUGH LOVE
Tough love is sometimes the way forward.

The definition of tough love is: love or affectionate concern expressed in a stern or unsentimental manner (as through discipline) especially to promote responsible behaviour. For some time, Financielle content has slipped into a bit too much of a “softly softly” approach, trying to gently nudge people to make better money moves. Maybe I was […]

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This weekend, the Financielle Instagram account hit 4,000 Followers, so thank you so much for all of your support in getting it there. Financielle is two years old, but since March it has been growing at a fast pace. For a while, Follower count didn’t matter, as the humble beginnings of the Instagram account was […]

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Budget is a Dirty Word.

Budget is now a dirty word. They are often spoken about as if they restrict and limit our ability to spend and that they keep us from doing what we want. People also connect budgets to not having enough and that they are only needed for those in difficult financial situations, who need to “make […]

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dream wedding on a budget|dream wedding on a budget
How to Have Your Dream Wedding on a Budget

There are so many articles showing you how to hold your dream wedding on a budget. Pinterest is a frugal wedding rabbit hole and it is amazing how these resources support those planning a wedding on a budget. The other extreme is large budget weddings that, if not for a wealthy family footing the bill, […]

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create your dream life|create your dream life
Create Your Dream Life

We often dream of the life we want, and go as far, as to set the goals and make plans, you all have the capability to create your dream life. What helps to bring these goals to life is visualisation, research and planning. Another good way to bring your goals to life is to actually […]

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financial wellness|financial wellness
5 Steps to Financial Wellness

Financial wellness is often forgotten about as a pillar of wellness, yet it is crucial to being happy and healthy in life. A lack of financial wellness in our lives can lead to stress, anxiety and can prevent us from building our dream lives. Working towards financial wellness is a journey and there is no […]

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how to save money|how to save more money
How To Save Money – 10 TIPS

Wherever you are on your money journey, saving money is never a bad thing. Whether it is to pay down debt, build up an emergency fund or put towards a goal like homeownership, a dream holiday, or you may simply wish to put more money towards investing – we would all welcome tips of how […]

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money date night|Money Date Night
Have a Money Date Night

As the dark, cold nights settle in and the boxset choices run a little low, why not try the new-style date night, money date night! Long gone are the nights of Netflix and chill, takeaway and a glass of wine. There’s a new date night to consider (don’t worry, the takeaway and wine are welcome […]

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|Do you need a Christmas Strategy
Do you have a pressure-free Christmas buying strategy?

As the dark nights draw in, many are turning their minds to a much lighter topic: Christmas. A time for festivities, family, food and gifts. Lots and lots of gifts.  Christmas is a time that many look forward to but it can actually provoke fear, guilt and overwhelm in many too. The pressure to conform […]

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