money date night

As the dark, cold nights settle in and the boxset choices run a little low, why not try the new-style date night, money date night!

Long gone are the nights of Netflix and chill, takeaway and a glass of wine. There’s a new date night to consider (don’t worry, the takeaway and wine are welcome to this party for two).

Many couples and friendships are now opting for a more strategic approach to date night and using this time to review their finances and plan their big money goals. 

If you follow @financielle on Instagram you will know that Laura and her husband regularly have a Money Date Night: where the kids are in bed, the TV is off, indulgent food and maybe some wine and a focus on the next budget, the next challenge and the next big money goal.  They schedule it in every month and commit to it, trying not to talk too much about big picture money topics in between Money Date Night.

If you’re in a couple, it can really help to bring you closer and remind you that you’re a team. We can bring our dreams and big money goals closer to us by visualising and verbalising them repeatedly. This is why Money Date Night is a great night for this – especially when those dreams and goals include the other person! If your Money Date Night involves a partner, check out this other blog post about combining finances with your partner and how the feeling of abundance can help you dream bigger and achieve so much more.

Collaborating and coming together on these plans is where the magic truly happens.

A simple structure could be:

  1. Reflect on the money month just gone.
  2. Budget plan the money month again.
  3. Run through your short and long term money and life goals.
  4. Commit to where your Excess* goes

*Excess is a term from The Financielle Playbook – a financial wellness money plan from Financielle.

Remember your new date night partner can be a friend or a family member, it doesn’t have to be a life partner! You can hold each other accountable, provide a friendly ear or give a gentle nudge of confidence when you both need it most. The point is to see talking about money goals as a treat, something to look forward to and to get excited about!

So what are you waiting for? Get the stationery purchased, the pencils sharpened, the wine in the fridge and the takeaway in the budget. Hold your own Money Date Night and tag @financielle and use #moneydatenight so we can see and share the love!

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