This weekend, the Financielle Instagram account hit 4,000 Followers, so thank you so much for all of your support in getting it there. Financielle is two years old, but since March it has been growing at a fast pace.

For a while, Follower count didn’t matter, as the humble beginnings of the Instagram account was that it was a little place for me to speak authentically about my views and what I have learnt about money. It didn’t really matter if anyone heard, I had a corner of the digital world that housed a collection of my thoughts and feelings – challenging the normal way our society views money.

Since the recent Pandemic arrived and the start of the economic chaos, the Financielle Instagram account gained a new purpose: to help people. It shifted from optional, to it becoming a moral obligation. The more content written, posted, shared – the more people can be exposed to this way of looking at things. The more people exposed to it, and thereafter joining this community, the number of lives that then can be genuinely changed.

This is bigger than saving a few pounds, or making a little extra income on the side. The is about literally changing family trees. Teaching people how to take control, build stable foundations and then grow wealth to support themselves, their families and ultimately their wider communities.

This is why the Financielle KPI became “Number of People Helped”. And this is why we need to help more and more people. 4K is absolutely amazing, but 100K is next.

Thanks for all that your are doing to support this movement. Keep going.

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