Hold a Money Date Night

Date Night

As the dark, cold nights settle in and the boxset choices run a little low, why not try the new-style date night? Long gone are the nights of Netflix and chill, takeaway and a glass of wine. There’s a new date night to consider (don’t worry, the

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Our Community Winter List

Winter List

Earlier in October, the Financielle community collectively compiled our Winter List of things that bring us joy during the autumn and winter months. Here are 50 of the answers we had, some duplication but we thought we should share them all! Walks in wellies Hot drinks outside

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Who wants to be an ISA Millionaire?

The ISA Millionaire Club is an exclusive club. It is estimated there are now over 1,000 individuals who have grown an ISA portfolio valued at over £1,000,000, The current ISA annual contribution limit is £20,000 per person, which is £1,666.67 per month. If you were to max

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How To Save Money – 10 TIPS

how to save more money

Wherever you are on your money journey, saving money is never a bad thing. Whether it is to pay down debt, build up an emergency fund or put towards a goal like homeownership, a dream holiday, or you may simply wish to put more money towards investing

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We often dream of the life we want, and go as far, as to set the goals and make plans. What helps to bring these goals to life is visualisation, research and planning. Another good way to bring your goals to life is to actually model that

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Budget is a Dirty Word.


Budget is now a dirty word. They are often spoken about as if they restrict and limit our ability to spend and that they keep us from doing what we want. People also connect budgets to not having enough and that they are only needed for those

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