control the month

The end of one month and the beginning of another is your opportunity to “start” a fresh and take control of your money and your goals. 90% of winning with money is about behaviour: your emotions, your intentionality and your planning. 10% is the actual maths.

So grab a coffee, read the below, and take these simple steps this month.

3 practical things you can do at the beginning of a new month:

1. Budget

Whether a simple scrap of paper or a full and fancy excel spreadsheet, you need to know what is coming in, and what is going out, to be able to be in control.

2. Automate Pension, Savings, Investments or Paying Off Debt

Pension contributions should be automated, whether its via your employer or you depending on pension type, as should Savings, Investments or Ditching Debt (depending on where you’re at in your financial journey).

3. Track Spending

As the month progresses, track your spending to be sure you’re keeping to the budget and protecting your Savings / Ditching Debt goals.

And from a mental health point of view, practising gratitude and contentment with what you have will help you to spend less than you make. This really is the key to getting ahead and being in control – it really is simple. As Jeremy Schneider from @thepersonalfinanceclub says, live below your means and invest early and often.

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