Monday Motivation…


We love a good fresh start, a good routine, setting better habits than the days prior. Maybe Mondays give us permission to start again?

Here are some things you can try from today to be more “financially well” this week:

– Study your bank account and don’t be afraid of it. Do all money transactions make sense? The right amount? Any you can switch / reduce / remove going forwards? This reinforces that you have control over your choices.

– Follow your budget (or do a mini “spending one” and if it helps, withdraw cash out and keep in a separate envelope. Challenge yourself to work to whatever number you set (and it doesn’t have to be a low number – just practice working within a number!)

– Strategy over willpower: plan your week to avoid situations which are financial triggers, e.g.plan to eat in with friends, make lunches for work, unsubscribe from marketing emails. Putting in place strategies to avoid last-minute spending scenarios will mean your willpower needn’t be called upon.

– Challenge yourself to make a couple of pantry meals, where you make meals from what you have already in the cupboards of the freezer. Sometimes they are culinary wonders, sometimes they are underwhelming. These meals are just fuel – and it can be quite a boost to know you can “cope” with simple meals and you realise not every meal needs to be Nigella-worthy.

– Talk about a money goal with one other person – either online or real life! Talk about it and share, this will give you accountability, positively reinforce the goal to you and hopefully bring you closer to it.

By Lucy Whisker on March 9, 2020 / Blog /
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