You hear of many entrepreneurs being individuals who wanted to break free from the 9 to 5 and be their own boss. Others work up the corporate ladder to a leadership position. Then there are those who spot something: a problem that requires fixing, a need that seems to be growing and there becomes an irresistible urge to fix – and so a business is created.

Why We Left to Solve the Problem

We loved working for the best travel business in the country, Travel Counsellors, a company that puts care at the heart of everything it does. We played our small part in supporting thousands of inspirational travel business owners look after their customers during the toughest period travel has ever seen.

Everyone could see the impact the pandemic was having on people financially: people struggling with money and the basics of budgeting, families burdened with the weight of debt and feeling like they were sinking and no real plan for the future.

So, a sister duo, we created Financielle, a financial wellness company focussed on sharing a simple money plan that empowers people to take control of their money, ditch debt, build emergency savings and focus on growing strong financial foundations for their future.

What started as a hobby Instagram account in 2018 is now a digital financial wellness community of over 24,000 people across our social channels, with one of our TikTok videos being seen by over half a million people.

The Financielle Playbook

In May 2020 at a time of mass furlough, looming redundancies and business closures across UK industry, we launched The Financielle Playbook: A Simple Plan to be Financially Well and now hundreds of people have been through the plan. The Financielle Playbook provides a step by step plan for users to follow as they work through the three main stages: Survive, Build and Grow.

With a lack of straight-talking personal finance education and prohibitive money barriers to obtaining even the most simple financial planning advice, we want to make financial education accessible to all. Whilst there are plenty of money saving resources out there, sometimes people just want to be given a plan to follow that works every time such as with Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Couch to 5K. With The Financielle Playbook, anyone of any income can follow it and become more financially well.

It was an incredibly hard decision to leave a such an amazing business with care at its heart. We are grateful for the love and the support the Travel Counsellors community has shown us during this time and its values of care and impact will continue to live on through us as we bring together an amazing community of dreamers and doers who want to be financially well and build wealth for themselves, their families and their communities.

So where can you find out what’s next for Financielle?  

You can follow us on Instagram, join our free online community here and keep an eye out for updates on LinkedIn where we will document the journey as our company grows.

Best wishes

Laura & Holly

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