Mum’s get 17 minutes a day…

Did you know that, on average, Mum’s get seventeen minutes to themselves every day? I don’t know about you but I think that seems generous… Whether you are a parent or not, self care is often something most people neglect when life is so busy, you need to make time for you, and make sure you make the most of those moments of calm in your day – however long they last!

But how? We all relax in different ways – you could find your peace at the gym, or the cake shop; out in the fresh air or on a dance floor. It really is up to you, but here are some suggestions to help you start thinking about what you need…

Find a sleep routine that works for you
There just aren’t enough hours in the day! When you do try to switch off your brain thinks of all those things you haven’t done. I’m sure you wouldn’t leave your phone unplugged overnight, and just like a device you need to be recharged too! Reducing caffeine is a simple step to help you wind down, swap that last cuppa for a herbal tea, Horlicks or decaffeinated drink. If you do start planning your next day as soon as your head hits the pillow then why not keep a notebook beside your bed – put it all down and get it out of your head! We all know that switching devices off an hour before bed helps too, why not pick up a good book or put some relaxing music on, or to apps such as Calm, meditation or just anything that unwinds your mind.

Our Sleepy Head box combines all these treats to create the perfect bedtime routine:

Sleepy Head

Get moving

We’re not suggesting you run a marathon, or climb a mountain (but go for it if it helps you!) – move
your body in ways which feel good to you.

Stretching your muscles not only feels good, it also does good for mental wellbeing, preventing
injuries, improving posture and increasing flexibility – ideal if you’re sat at a desk all day like me! You could get into a habit of stretching at home using online resources to help you find your flow booking a local yoga class, or invite a friend to go for a walk, share your day with them. If you can face it then watching the sunrise is a wonderful way to start your day. Set boundaries Know how much time and energy you can give to other people and/ or to tasks without affecting your wellbeing, ensuring you’re not spreading yourself too thin (you’re allowed to say no you know!).

We can be so much in our heads that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, writing it down can help to ease the pressure plus will give clarity too. Planning things out is one way plus there’s journaling too. Feeling in control by having a plan, plus working through any unrest by reflecting when needed. Gratitude journals are known to improve your mental wellbeing, with science telling us it’s impossible to feel negative emotions when you are giving gratitude.

Shut the world out

Do what makes you happy – care really isn’t selfish, it’s about giving back to yourself – and by doing that giving your best self to others.

So shut the door, snuggle up under a blanket, make a drink and pop your favourite TV show on – you know that guilty pleasure that no one else wants to watch with you! Self care at its simplest, and best.

Run a bath, make it hot and add bubbles or oils then leave your phone/tablet/laptop far away and
lose yourself in a book. Make sure you have all you need to hand – I’m talking enough drinks, chocolate, a face mask – and literally wash the world away.

Self care isn’t all about time out and unwinding your mind, it can be just as much about setting boundaries and mindset too. Take things (or people!) there to test us for example, practicing self care could mean learning to say no or having tricky conversations to feel good going forward… OR it could be about learning to compromise as well. Managing relationships needn’t always mean causing conflict- following the path of least resistance can reduce the risk of stress perfectly at times when you just don’t need it. Whether that’s a PJ day with more tv than you’d normally allow, fast food when cooking feels too much, (occasionally) handing the remote over to someone else, and so
many other things where compromise creates harmony.

So what will your seventeen minutes look like today?

Seventeen Minutes offer a range of self care inspiring treats that can be curated into the perfect gift
for someone who needs that reminder to relax. From books to chocolate, face masks to candles all
our products are made by UK small businesses, so you can create your own gift box or be tempted
by the selection we have created in our Ready to Send category.

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