Thoughtfully Created by Natascha Raihani

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Thoughtfully Created by Natascha Raihani

Upon scrolling through independent shoe brand Taschka’s Instagram, you’ll quickly notice the sheer style, wearability and sustainability that comes alongside. From supporting a charity close to their heart to ensuring their Portugal-based family-run workshop staff are paid fairly, Taschka embodies the level of ethicalness we should be seeing from most fashion brands in 2021. 

This amazing brand is all down to the wonder that is Natascha Raihani. Despite having been on her own journey of ditching fast fashion, Natascha says that she has always invested in footwear and accessories that stand the test of time. 

We LOVE Natascha’s take on footwear, “In my world, style is built from the ground up. You can wear varying levels of clothing in terms of cost, but your shoes never lie! Therefore, quality and materials with longevity are important. As we have seen and continue to see the growth of the ‘vegan leather’ trend, I watch with interest. It is such a complex topic as even the most eco-conscious manufacturing processes have an environmental impact.” Natascha states that “the goal is to make considered purchases – buy what you need and to the highest quality you can afford.”

Natascha’s personal values shine through her brand, Taschka focuses on quality components and strays away from the traditional seasonal approach. Not only are end of line materials used where possible, but all of Taschka’s soles are now made partially from recycled rubber tires, materials that normally would have ended up in landfill. The ethical brand is always striving to better their processes; last year, Natascha created an origami shoebox that requires no glue. They also support a charity close to Natascha’s heart, Frank Water: an organisation which is pivotal in improving access to safe water for remote villages in India and Nepal.

“Our collaboration in 2020 saw Taschka raise funds to provide a lifetime of safe, clean water to 366 people – life-changing stuff” – Natascha Raihani

With production halted due to the (warning, P-word) pandemic, Taschka’s family-run workshop in Portugal was hit hard, like so many. Fortunately, says Natascha, “things are starting back up and we are raring to go!” You can expect a new collection late summer – think high tops, prints, fun materials and even a Winter collaboration.  We’re excited! Natascha let us in on some secrets for 2022; “we’re working on a capsule collection to trial for 2022 – finally dipping our toes into the world of sustainable clothing to compliment Taschka trainers.” Watch this space… 

A small brand with a big impact. Taschka aims to create products that give back and make a positive difference to as many people as possible. Natascha has proved that shopping consciously does not mean slacking on style. By purchasing thoughtfully created items, you help your purse, planet and wardrobe! Shopping key pieces that last is the key to a stylish yet sustainable life. Check out Taschka’s *relaunched* website to shop some chic kicks. 


By Lucy Whisker on June 10, 2021 / Lifestyle /
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