I wanted to take some time, in the hype of the madness, to write down how I am feeling right now. This weekend, I finally launched something that has taken years to come together – my financial wellness course called The Financielle Playbook. It quite simply has been the most memorable of “digital” launches and I don’t think it has quite sunk in yet that The Financielle Playbook is finally out in the big wide world.

The story behind the “why” is pretty simple. When I became a mother – I felt an overwhelming burden of responsibility for my children and had anxiety about what they would do if anything ever happened to me. At the same time, I had started to get my head around personal finance, after previously not paying attention and digging my head in the sand and I began to build a strategy that helped me focus on one thing at a time – reducing outgoings, ditching debt from my life and learning how to save hard and fast.

Getting control of my money was so empowering and gave me a great sense of wellness, then a lightbulb moment occurred: I need to write a methodology for my children – a set of “plays” like in a sports tactics playbook that they can literally follow to make sure that not only will they be able to look after themselves – they will be able to look after others: their families, their friends and their communities.

And so The Financielle Playbook was born.

On the day of the launch, my muse and business inspiration Sara Blakely posted the following quote on Instagram:

The caption she put with it was: “When given the opportunity to aim for success or value, always choose value. Success will follow. Especially at a time like this, wake up each day and focus on how to add value- to your family, neighbours, customers, community, and ultimately the world. The success will follow. And you will be happier! ” I don’t think a quote or comment could be more appropriate for the why behind the launch of The Financielle Playbook.

The unbelievable reaction and positive feedback from our wider community has been amazing – to see people work through the principles from the playbook and build their own strategies to achieve financial wellness is extremely humbling.

Thank you for making the only product I’ve ever produced such a wonderful, joyous experience and allowing me to celebrate alongside all of you (even if it had to be virtually!)

I wish you all the best on your financial wellness journey and can’t wait to hear all your stories – so please keep me updated, you can reach me via DM on Instagram or on email laura@financielle.co.uk

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