50 Winter Must-Haves

Winter must-haves|Winter List

Earlier in October, the Financielle community collectively compiled our Winter must-haves, things that bring us joy during the autumn and winter months.

Here are 50 of the answers we had, some duplication but we thought we should share them all!

  1. Walks in wellies
  2. Hot drinks outside with the chill on your face
  3. Lighting the fire when its not a special occasion
  4. Fairy lights – everywhere!
  5. Christmas films in the afternoon
  6. Harry Potter marathon
  7. New pyjamas and early nights
  8. Hot chocolate and marshmallows
  9. Pyjama and movie days
  10. Going for a cold morning run and having a coffee afterwards to warm up
  11. Walking everywhere and anywhere wrapped up, especially when frosty
  12. Cooking (or just eating) a roast dinner
  13. Pyjamas and socks on the radiator or in front of the fire after a bath
  14. Walking through a wood or forest after a good snowfall just for the silence
  15. A day time bubble bath
  16. Reading in bed with candles and a hot chocolate
  17. Cosy on the couch watching movies
  18. A warm bath with candles and essential oils
  19. Cashmere pyjamas, fig scented candles and a 15% volume red wine
  20. Movies on the projector in the dark cosied up on the sofa
  21. A walk in the countryside followed by a mug of hot chocolate
  22. A pint of beer in the local pub in front of the log fire
  23. A cold walk in the woods followed by hot soup and fluffy socks
  24. Getting the Christmas tree up nice and early
  25. A log fire lit for everyone to chat around, off phones.
  26. Sparklers in the back garden
  27. Taking the children out in the snow
  28. Making gingerbread men
  29. Hanging fairy lights up in every room
  30. Christmas Wreath making
  31. A winter picnic on the village green
  32. Splashing in puddles, collecting pine cones and a Twinings Swiss hot chocolate
  33. Rearranging shelves at home with seasonal decor
  34. Cosy film afternoons with a blanket and clean pyjamas
  35. A steamy shower in daylight with some essential oils in the shower
  36. An evening bath with candles and Epsom salts
  37. A full body moisturise
  38. Roast dinner and apple crumble (with custard)
  39. Plenty logs for the fire, red wine and cosy blankets
  40. The Holiday & Love Actually (+ hot choc, slippers, roast dinners & elf on the shelf)
  41. Strictly, Bake Off or a box set on the TV
  42. Jacket potatoes, tomato soup and sparklers in the garden
  43. A hot cup of tea and a porridge bowl of bananas, seeds and honey
  44. Snow angels in the snow
  45. A mulled wine outside wearing a warm coat, gloves and a hat
  46. Lighting a new candle for the first time
  47. Walking through beautiful Autumn leaves
  48. Eating Cadbury’s Roses for breakfast
  49. Listening to the sound of a storm outside, under a cosy blanket.
  50. A cosy, early night with a hot water bottle, cup of herbal tea and a good book!

We hope our winter must-haves can help you plan out some fun activities to do over the winter months that can help to bring you and your loved ones joy.

Now, off to get a hot chocolate and light the fire…

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By Laura Pomfret on December 10, 2020 / Blog,Lifestyle /
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