Make Financial Wellness Your Goal in 2022

So it’s that dreaded resolution-setting time. “New year new me. I’m going to eat clean, go to the gym, walk 10K steps per day, drink 2L of water, make a million dollars.”

Is it just us that find this is a female thing more than a male thing?

Women seem to be ultra focussed on certain goals, especially when linked to physical appearance or the social media standard of what the ideal daily routine looks like. Men don’t appear to overload themselves with this obsession about perfection and becoming “that boy”.

Why do we carry around this additional burden on top of everything else life throws at us?

In 2022, why not focus on systems and processes over goals?

  • For healthy eating, it could be incorporating meal planning into your weekend routine and choosing to use natural ingredients.
  • For fitness, it could be moving more, opting to walk over using transport, scheduling a gentle walk to a podcast of your choice without it needing to be a certain length or a certain time.
  • For finances, it absolutely should be choosing to work to a budget.

Remember, a budget needn’t be restrictive, it is simply a plan. You can budget for £1,000 or £1,000,000. A budget gives you control and choice; this is the most financially-well decision you can make for yourself.

Doing a budget the Financielle way is simple:

  1. Take all your income streams
  2. List out your expenses: fixed, sinking funds, flexible
  3. You’re left with your Excess, which you can choose to use towards your current financial focus.

If you’re following The Financielle Playbook methodology, your financial focus depends on the stage you’re at. If you’re in Survive, you use your Excess to build a mini emergency fund or pay down debt. If you’re in Build, you use it to save up for a home or for those big life goals. If you’re in Grow, you use it to put towards investing and growing your money – helping you be financially well for the rest of your life.

Set goals if you wish, but remember they are for the short term. You can use the free goal setting feature in the Financielle App to list your short term goals and track your progress.

Ultimately, focus on enjoying the journey and the process. Focus on being financially well.

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