Close your eyes.  Who do you see when you picture an investor?  A man in a suit?  Warren Buffet? One of the Dragons from Dragons Den?

Whoever you picture, I suspect you picture someone that isn’t you.

Investing is often portrayed as a sophisticated, complicated and inaccessible activity that takes time, headspace and large sums of money to do.

This is simply not the case.

You are probably an investor already.  Investing is not a pipe dream; it’s a reality for most of us and you may just not have realised it yet. If you pay into a private or workplace pension, you are already an investor.

The way pensions used to be positioned was a little dull.  We all remember the pension guy who popped into the workplace once a year to talk about pensions; wouldn’t it have been a sexier conversation if it had been positioned as investing? 

“I had a lightbulb moment” – Financielle Community Member

I had a lightbulb moment last year. I always had a goal to start investing but felt that other things took up so much of my headspace that I couldn’t ever give it enough focus or attention to get going. When speaking in the Financielle community, it was pointed out that by contributing to my pension I was in fact already an investor. I can’t deny I felt immediately better, like a weight had been lifted. I had been investing for years. I just didn’t know it, pensions were never positioned to me like this. I had a workplace pension but decided to combine my pensions into a PensionBee account so now I can see my investments whenever I want to, they follow me around in my pocket and it genuinely makes me feel good!

So let’s throw out the stereotypes and start to make a more conscious effort to understand and track our investments, reflect on their performance and whether we’re on track to hit our investing goals, for example the right retirement figure.  

Repeat after us: I’m an investor.

PensionBee’s website and mobile app gives you the tools and accessibility to your pension that could help you plan for a happy retirement. You also have control over what your pension is invested into including climate-conscious funds that fit with your values.

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