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Financial wellness is often the forgotten wellness pillar in a saturated employee benefits space.

We work with brands to offer a financial wellness programme to their people as a proven benefit to help with their wellbeing.

The programme is completely independent of any financial institution or product – it is simply a step by step money plan to follow with the aid of a supportive and inclusive community.

Financielle is not a faceless brand, it is made up of real people who live out the principles of The Financielle Playbook everyday.

At a time where mistrust of finance is at an all time high and the current economic climate is causing worry and stress, this financial wellness programme can help you support people in a practical and accessible way.

Why offer the programme to your people?

For your people.

  • Help them take control of their lives by taking control of their income
  • Support them to make lasting change with their money habits
  • See them pay down debt, build up savings and win with big money goals such as buying their first home or taking that once in a lifetime trip.
  • Most wellness programmes are cookie cutter in nature. The Financielle Playbook enables your people to build a bespoke, personalised financial plan for themselves.

For you.

  • Reduce money-related stress in the workplace, leading to improved employee engagement and interaction
  • Increase employee satisfaction and loyalty – when an employee is stable and content financially, they are more likely to stay where they are happy!
  • Give back to employees by teaching them to optimise their income and set them up for a positive, long-term future
  • Contribute to a positive company culture and community spirit

Our Programme Bundle.

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is the number of people helped.