Financial wagon

When it comes to adopting a new way of managing money, such as working The Financielle Playbook stages,  there will inevitably be times when you will ‘slip up’ or fall off the financial wagon, and we are here to tell you that that’s okay!

We want you to take the guilt out of being over budget and remember that we are all just doing our best.  This is all about trying to be financially well through sustainable changes – not extreme frugality and a restrictive way – just like a fad diet vs a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

It is what you do most of the time that counts, so if you generally are on financial track and have a couple of spending categories where you’ve veered off, you’re doing really well!

If you do go off track and are looking for some ways to help yourself get back on the wagon, here are our top tips:

–  Stop the guilt! Life happens and it’s best to move on, put the slip up behind you and focus on moving forward.

– Each penny spent is a chance to start again. So forget about whatever ‘slip up’ you have made and focus on staying on budget, getting back on track with your current stage, whether that be paying down debt or saving for a house deposit..

Check in with your budget and assess whether it is realistic, did you go off track because it was too restrictive?  What situation did you find yourself in which meant you came off plan?  Understand the triggers and pro-actively plan around them.

Bottom line – try your best and remember that one slip up doesn’t have to ruin everything.

Every day is a new opportunity to start again.

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