The Financielle Playbook


Financial wellness is often the forgotten wellness pillar. By investing in a business-wide financial wellness course as part of your corporate wellness programme, you will:

  • reduce money-related stress in the workplace, leading to improved employee engagement and retention
  • increase employee satisfaction and loyalty - when an employee is stable and content financially, they are more likely to stay where they are happy!
  • stop employees moving to competitors for remuneration reasons
  • help your people to be more self-sufficient and effective with their income
  • contribute to a positive company culture and community spirit
  • give back to employees by teaching them to optimise their income and set them up for a positive, long-term future


Most wellness programmes are cookie cutter in nature. The Financielle Playbook enables your people to build a bespoke, personalised financial plan for themselves.

For Your People...

For Your Business...

Poor financial health can dramatically impact mental health and wellbeing. By investing in your people with a financial wellness course, you will:


  • support them to make lasting change with their money habits;

  • help them take control of their lives by taking control of their income;

  • see them pay down debt, build up savings and take weight off their own shoulders;

  • watch them win with big money goals such as buying their first home or taking that once in a lifetime trip;

  • ensure they build a lasting legacy to be able to work towards a stable and happy retirement - for themselves and their families.


During the current crisis, it can even help employees manage reduced hours, salaries and possible redundancy situations - where unavoidable in the present climate.

Our Mission

Our mission at Financielle is to help thousands of people build a strategy to achieve financial wellness, through reframing how we think and feel about money, teaching about simple yet strong financial foundations and inspiring people to build a long-lasting legacy for themselves, their families and their communities.


The key KPI we measure in the business is "Number of People Helped".

Testimonials & Recommendations

"One of my main my goals as a business owner is the happiness of my staff, and supporting them in the best way I can. Our industry isn’t the most well paid, being a service industry and it frustrates us sometimes that we can’t pay our people more when we see them working so hard! We have other packages in place such as an employee assistant programme through the HR company we use, but what you are offering is on another level. This kind of offering is totally worth investing in."


"Fortunately, by following the Financielle Playbook I am confident that this is a temporary situation that myself and many others will have to face. Due to the hard work I put in to face up to the numbers, sacrificing many luxuries that I used to purchase so frivolously and squeezing my budget in the right places and building a 6 month emergency fund, I am facing the next 6+ months of job uncertainty, but with confidence and the knowledge that I will come out the other side. I’m thankful that I have a plan in place to carry me through."



"The Financielle Playbook actually made me open my eyes and see what I actually spend. I never check my bank account, it always scares me, I just wait until payday and see what my balance is when it goes in..... Although I don't think I have much money, I think it has made me realise I do have a decent income but I'm just spending it in the wrong places".




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