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The festive season is upon us and the list of gifts you need to buy grows.

You’re asking what the little ones in your life would like for presents and you may be getting concerned about time, money and more important than ever before – the planet.

In anticipation of the gift-receiving, it could be time for the obligatory toy clear-out by families all over the world, with toys destined for the charity shop and landfill to make room for the new gifts to arrive and take their place.

The overwhelm of gift shopping is real and often, which is why we often turn to gifting cash as a way to avoid the complex world of buying for young children – and even worse, teenagers.

But what if it could be different this year? What if this year there could be a solution that was more meaningful and eco-friendly? That started a new tradition to be passed down from generation to generation?

This year, why not consider contributing to a child’s future dreams by investing for them?

The award-winning Junior Stocks and Shares ISA from Wealthify could provide the perfect antidote to too much physical present-buying this Christmas.

This type of Junior ISA (or JISA) enables adults to contribute and invest in a child’s future through investing their savings in the stock market, which could help your little one to achieve their dreams of education, travel or building their own family one day.

Although a Junior ISA needs to be set up by the child’s parent or guardian, from this November, family and friends as well as the parents of the child will now also have the ability to contribute and pay into a Wealthify JISA, with the option of leaving a personal message to be accessed when the child turns 18 – like a virtual time capsule!

A JISA could be the gift that keeps on giving. It doesn’t end up in a landfill forgotten, instead it could grow year on year to help a child when they need it the most in the future.

With investing your capital is at risk and your child could get back less than what was invested, and less than what was invested by you or any contributors.

Find out more about Wealthify’s JISA here.



Sponsored by Wealthify.

By Laura Pomfret on December 10, 2021 / Grow /
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