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You need to do a will. Now.

Like so many people, I always said “I’ll get round to doing my will.”  It’s one of those things we tend to put off.  Here are some of the reasons we may do this: “I don’t have much to leave in a will.” So many people think that wills are for the wealthy only.  This […]

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Get the right life insurance policy for women income affected by the pandemic stay at home mum
Why Women Need Life Insurance

This article is part of a paid partnership with Bequest to help close the life insurance gap in the UK.  The life insurance gap As of 2019, the life insurance gap was at £312 billion. At Financielle, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to get everyone talking about this and help close that gap along with […]

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|Life insurance for women
Close The Life Insurance Gap

Life insurance is an incredibly underrated form of protection and as a financial asset. And we know that it can be overwhelming at times, but Bequest is here to help close the life insurance gap!   To make it simple, here are 5 myths that we as women need to know about life insurance. Be […]

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