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Right now, your Facebook and Instagram feeds may be blazoned with “back to school” pictures, new uniforms and blazers that one size too big (fingers crossed they’ll get at least another year out of it). No one ever posts “still at work” pictures, do they? At Financielle, September is one of our favourite months; productivity and motivation are at an all-time high and the mindset that comes with it is second to none. In this article, we’re going to be talking about reassessing and taking control of your career, how you could be earning more money and set some new career goals.


Set career goals

Setting some career goals is a great way to boost your motivation when it comes to your career. Whether it’s that promotion you’ve always wanted, the business you’ve always wanted to start or it’s to just feel happy in your place of work. Once you lay out what your goals are, it’s easy to break them down and take measurable actions towards them.


Negotiate your salary

According to research, nearly 40% of women who were involved said that they were unhappy at work due to not earning enough money. The idea of negotiating your salary might make your palms a bit sweaty, but that’s okay. We know the idea of it might be a bit daunting but trust us, if you feel underpaid for your job role, there’s nothing better to do. When you love your role but not the pay, do a bit of digging and find out the average pay for your particular role. If you feel the work you’re undertaking warrants a higher salary, prepare a plan and speak to your boss.


Grow your network

There are so many opportunities out there that we couldn’t even think of. Networking is one of the most useful tools to utilise when it comes to your career, remember, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. If you’re looking to move up in your current role or completely change careers, it’s best to speak to as many people as possible. Building a great support network means you always have people to go to for help, ideas and advice. Being open and proactive when it comes to optimising opportunities is key for levelling up in your career.


Take on a growth mindset

Wanting to make a career leap means you must adopt a growth mindset. A growth mindset means you are always open to learning and adapting to new situations. By seeing failures as opportunities for growth and challenging your current beliefs, you’ll be well on your way to making the steps forward you’ve always wanted to make. Changing your mindset is a great way to change your entire life, let alone your career.


Start claiming your achievements

As women especially, we tend to downplay and minimise our achievements. Having confidence in yourself and your capabilities is super important if you’re looking to make some career moves. A good way to feel more confident in your achievements and abilities is to make a brag sheet. This is simply something where you write down all your successes to remind yourself of how much you’ve done! This is also a great way to fight off the dreaded imposter syndrome.


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