Welcome to FINANCIELLE, a money platform disrupting the money space, inspiring you to build a strategy to achieve financial wellness, with the backing of a strong community of money winners.

Founded by Laura Pomfret, FINANCIELLE is the product of ten years discovery, learning and helping thousands of others with money strategy.  A qualified lawyer, without a natural gift for numbers, Laura decided to launch FINANCIELLE on Instagram as a way of pioneering a new way of thinking about money - challenging the status quo and acceptance of credit and debt in our lives and the pursuit of building wealth simply,  no matter what the circumstance.  

In 2020, FINANCIELLE launched The Financielle Playbook - a one-size-fits all money strategy to help improve the way you think and feel about money, inspire you to set amazing life goals and give simple, practical steps to help you use your money to achieve anything.


Our aim is to break through the jargon, dispel myths about creating wealth and also highlight the heavy-handed marketing tactics of the credit industry - something not many people talk about openly.  


You can also find more regular updates on the FINANCIELLE Instagram @financielle.  If you want to get in touch, please email laura@financielle.co.uk 

Take care, and dream big


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