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The Financielle App features The Financielle Playbook, a step by step guide to taking taking control of your money and being financially well.


Starting with the basics: Knowing Your Numbers, a Mini Emergency Fund & Ditching Debt.


Building on financial wellness foundations, you start to work towards your big money goals.


With a strong financial platform, you can invest and grow wealth.

Financielle helps women take control of their money and be financially well.

Our Playbookers.

We’ve had hundreds of Playbookers follow the plan and win with money

We’re Laura and Holly; sisters and founders of Financielle.

Financielle is helping people to take control of their money and be financially well.  We recognised that women especially were behind in all areas of finance, especially in literacy, pay and wealth.

Financielle is on a mission to change that by inspiring women through education and motivational content, practical money tools and a supportive community – which can all be found in the Financielle app.

Why not try out the Financielle app for free and start your money journey today?

We can’t wait to see you win with money!

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