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is the number of people helped.

We’re Laura and Holly; sisters and founders of Financielle.

Financielle is helping people to take control of their money and be financially well.

Financielle is on a mission to change that by inspiring people through education and motivational content, practical money tools and a supportive community – which can all be found in the Financielle app.

We recognised that women especially were behind in all areas of finance, especially in literacy, pay and wealth and so we’re doing our bit to change financial inequality.

Why not try out the Financielle app for free and start your money journey today?

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P****d Off With Pink Tax

Women are behind in all areas of personal finance: specifically in pay, literacy and investments.   So why is it that we also face other financial discrimination such as the Pink Tax? It’s 2022… when are we going to get a fair deal? So what is the