The Financielle Playbook

Nothing on this website constitutes financial advice - it is information which you may choose to use as part of your own wider research and professional advice taken.




It is a powerful, self-guided course helping you reframe the way you think and feel about money including:


              opportunities for reflection and journaling

              discovery of what being financially well means to you

              investigation into the key headline financial numbers that matter

              practical budgeting and debt-free journey steps 


wrapped up in a practical, three-stage strategy following the principles of SURVIVE, BUILD and GROW.

Improve your financial wellness within 30 days

Receive a workable plan to hit those big lofty goals whilst while still being content in the moment


Change the way you think & feel

about money forever





"Fortunately, by following the Financielle method I am confident that this is a temporary situation that myself and many others will have to face. Due to the hard work I put in to face up to the numbers, sacrificing many luxuries that I used to purchase so frivolously and squeezing my budget in the right places and building a 6 month emergency fund, I am facing the next 6+ months of certainty with confidence and the knowledge that I will come out the other side. I’m thankful that I have a plan in place to carry me through."


"I’ve been following Financielle for a while now and she really kicked my butt into gear when it came to saving for an emergency fund and having sinking funds in place. Her blogs and posts really started an open conversation with my husband about finances, wealth and planning for the future. We’ve managed to fully fund 3 rounds of IVF from our normal budget and without it affecting our finances and for that I am so so grateful! Thank you!”


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