A simple money plan inspiring and empowering people to take control of money and build a dream life.

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The Financielle Playbook is a digital, step by step guide to help people with financial wellness.


Starting with the basics: Knowing Your Numbers, a Mini Emergency Fund & Ditching Debt.


Building on financial wellness foundations, you start to work towards your big money goals.


With a strong financial platform, you can invest and grow wealth.


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We’re Laura and Holly; sisters and founders of Financielle.

We created The Financielle Playbook to help people like us, normal people that wanted to take control of their money, feel financially well and build a dream life. We are not numbers people, so we break that stuff down in The Financielle Playbook and through our blogs to walk with you on your financial wellness journey. Personal finance is 90% personal and 10%finance, which is why we know this plan works for everyone.

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